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Virtual Look Book

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Thanks for subscribing! An invoice will be emailed within 48 business hours to begin receiving your pre-matched outfits. Details below...

Terms of Service

Each month, Clutch Queen Styling will create custom outfits via a virtual look book specifically for the individual subscriber.
Each look is a fully assembled outfit that includes a top, bottom, or dress, shoes, purse and other accessories that will be distributed to the client via email.
Each month, the subscriber will be billed $30.00 (same day every month from the original start day) to receive the following: 
Week One – Two Outfits
Week Two – Two Outfits
Week Three – Two Outfits
Week Four – Two Outfits
Each week, the subscriber will be emailed custom pre-matched outfits with links where they can purchase items, that will help the client stay up on fashion trends, brands and sales.  Products will include US and International brands such as UK and Canadian brands.
Payments are processed through PayPal. Subscribers can cancel/unsubscribe by emailing Clutch Queen Styling at any time to terminate participation in the virtual style program and will not be further billed beyond that point. No refunds will be accepted for services already paid and rendered/provided. Subscribers will receive their first set of outfits within a week of the initial purchase.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to
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